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companies of our time, a behemoth built on the best technology that could be invented required tedious today the business that this brilliant industrialist acquired agreed to pay $2.1 billion in cold hard cash for acne packet, a company that enables voice to be carried over the internet among other skill sets and has been down on its financial looked like acme dynamite. is considered top notch. ellison is taking advantage of the pullback time talking about. oracle is paying $29.25 a share. the stock is down from $83 less than a year ago. it's only down because it had a couple short falls that won't matter at all when it is part of a sweeter product that gives oracle a hardware and software solution. frankly it is brilliant, so brilliant the markets say it could be higher because at me pack it was trading above the price. ellison is a buyer. how about this michael down fila? he's a huge debt buyer. his just announced leveraged buyout to purchase the company for more than 35% above where the stock stood up that long ago. the price tag is down from $50 a year ago and $25 five years ago. michael
where a lab called energetics technologies has reported some of the biggest energy gains yet. >> we are delivering power into the cell. >> when i got there, i just kept asking about, okay, how do you know this? how do you know that? how to you get 30%? >> duncan spent two days examining cold fusion experiments... >> i mean, i'm just skeptical, because i'm always skeptical. >> and investigating whether the measurements were accurate. >> do you measure that aluminum temperature directly? or just assume it's equal to-- >> and when you walked down to the israeli lab, you thought what? >> i thought, "wow, they've done something very interesting here." >> he crunched the numbers himself and searched for an explanation other than a nuclear effect. >> i found that the work done was carefully done. and that the excess heat, as i see it now, is quite real. >> are you surprised to hear yourself saying this? >> very much. i never thought i'd say that. >> and we found that the pentagon is saying it too. the defense advanced research projects agency, known as darpa, did its own analysis, and we o
think about what core labs, the company with the technology behind finding so much new oil in old places said last night, last night right here when it detailed its quarter. a quarter that by the way drove the stock up $10.44 to finish today, core told us there could be not one, but two gigantic oil fields in this country we don't even know about, the size of the bakken and eagle ford, the two shales that have made the pipe dream of north american energy self-sufficiency into a reality that we could see in just a couple years time. could you imagine? i think america's oil and gas industry is in the early innings of the second game of the double-header. first game being spindle top. and that's what makes me so hopeful about the rest of the year. beyond just betting history repeats itself. the baltimore-like industrials are beginning to flex their muscles. we've had only one solid quarter from china under our belt. we just jumped over the fiscal cliff in this country. europe just now stabilizing. these recoveries foretell a dramatic increase in orders for our industrials as we saw in the a
increase because the technology improved in a product, they don't incorporate health care in the cpi. >> i'm looking under the drawer, i'm looking under the waste paper basket, i hear about this inflation. the price of goal has fallen $350. abigail doolittle, fair and balanced, since the election basically the broad index has gone up 11%. is it the obama rally? >> i do not think it's the obama rally. i think it's the extension of the federally. we've had the federal reserve continue to support the risk assets and kmocommodities. it reflects the decision to replace operation twist -- >> you want to give him any credit at all? >> earlier this week i spoke to the ceo of the dow company and ce disney. disney has a pretty good sense of what's going on wts consumer, the sense of consumer confidence and in terms of advertising. he said that the last quarter they had to deal with the fiscal cliff, there was concern and uncertainty about the fiscal cliff, there was the hurricane and the uncertainty around the election. he feels now that we have all these things behind ushs t, the consumers are feel
'll say this right here, right now. i think don thompson is about to embark on technological marvels in the food market. there were two stories about how calories have come down in restaurants. i think mcd is a good stock to own. not inconsistent. i love playing with the house's money. europe is back on the radar again. doesn't mean you can't look for domestic opportunity but you have to recognize that internationals and banks they're going to be a little uncertain for some time to come. stay with cramer. >>> coming up -- room service? is it time to book some room in shares of starwood hotels? from the saint regis to the "w" cramer is speaking with the ceo. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> tonight we're circling back to starwood, hot. one of the best managed hotel names out there. we kicked off earning for the group. you may not have heard of starwood. but you definitely heard of their brand, st. regis, "w" hotel, sheraton, merid
like taking risk in this environment. apple is the technology company and i can understand apple's view that they have freedom of cash on the balance sheet. some of this is complicated. some of the cash is overseas, they bring it home, thee incur some tax liability. cash on your balance sheet is freedom. it's freedom from bankers. >> we're going to slip in a quick break. bob, you're going to be with us for the rest of the hour. and i'm going to send it back to pebble beach and the one and only becky quick. >> when we come back, we're talking about putting money to work behind the next big thing. since we're here on the west coast, we figured we had to technology technology. we're going to talk to an investor in siri intelligent and ask him if he thinks aapple has a cash problem. plus, a live report on the weather in the northeast as they phase for blizzard conditions. i'm glad we got cdw and cisco to design our data center. yeah, the cisco ucsc series server, with the intel xeon processors, help us scale smoothly, like a perfect golf swing. how was it before? clunky and full of unnecess
in the end. >> also have chipotle mexican coming out with, in a moment and zynga as well, technology. do you like tech here? >> yeah, although i think what's happening, you're seeing a shift to more risk large cap to small cap, growth to value. i think that's the trend. >> all right. thank you both. good to see you. as you can see executives from the brand name, makers of the baking soda arm a.m. hammer ringing the closing bell. stay tuned for disney earnings. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody of welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. this market rallying back after monday's selloff but the dow jones industrial average unable to close above the 14,000 mark. a rally on the street of 98 point, set lipping at 13,978. up three-quarters of 1%. nasdaq higher, up 1.25%, technology, one of the leadership groups on the upside. 3171 and the s&p 500 up 15 points, better than 1% to 1511. three straight triple-digit moves for the dow strilz, up, down and up today. we bring in ed batowski along wi
, not so much technology, what do you think is going to be the leadership this year? >> well, it ended last year with the financials coming on strong. maria, i think that's just the beginning of -- of the -- of the move in financials, and i think -- i think technology will play a game of catchup. it's quality. quality leadership, and that's so very, very important. i know people on a short-term basis are concerned, and i -- i can understand that, but there's absolutely, absolutely no speculation, and that's what ends the bull market is speculation. we're not even there. the public's not in the market, so there's a lot of room left. >> hey, bob, bob pisani with us as well. bob, you heard that. there is, you know, evidence that money is starting to come into the market. >> yeah. >> ral is absolutely right. the public is really only dipping their toe in, so we've seen several billion of inflows in mutual funds in the month of january. four consecutive weeks, scott, good news. $400 billion in outflows from mutual funds since 2008 so compare it. maybe we've got 40 billion going in in the last, y
. calvin klein underwear. 360 seamless technology. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. >>> welcome back, everybody. yesterday was the worst day of the markets in all of 2013. things seem to be turning around sharply this morning. in fact, dow futures are up 95 points. s&p futures up close to 10 points. we'll keep an eye on this. but, again, this could be pushing back and recapturing all those gains from yesterday at this pace. in our headlines this morning, president obama will meet with chief executives from 12 companies today, including goldman, lloyd blankfein. yahoo!'s marissa mayer. >> you all know her as maybe any f
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surprised me is how powerful the capability is in our whole technical space. we have such technological advantage there. the real issue for us is we have to move that technological advantage from being just about pc peripherals to pc peripherals and mobile peripherals, like tablets. >> i want to show people, maybe can you do it, it is a cover for an ipad mini that doubles as a keyboard. >> it is. and we love -- >> these kind of things are the future of your company. >> absolutely. we love this. we call this is the other half of the ipad. as can you see, it looks like the other half on the outside. magnetically attached to the back. comes apart. >> it is quite a full size keyboard. these keys are not mini. >> not at all. you will be shocked. >> not mouse type. >> no pun intended. you will be shocked when you use it. it is really is a full size keyboard. >> you took a write down over video conferencing business the company brought for something north of $400 million few years ago. >> that right. >> there is a discussion whether you will hold on to that video conferencing business. >> as i
technology to be invented or acquired. the business that this brilliant industrialist created, paid millions for acme packet. down on his financial luck, like acme dynamite. ellison is taking advantage of the pullback. oracle is paying 29.25 a share. the stock is down from 83, only down because of a few shortfalls, that don't matter at all, when it gives them a soup to nuts software it is brilliant. ellison is a buyer. this dell fellow. purchase the company for 35% of where the stock stood not long ago. it is down, 25, five years ago. michael del, taking advantage of the pullback. i heard michael del talk about how the company doesn't get credit for all the things he has. he has add customer software solutions, data skills, and the stock trades like, dude, you just bought a dell. they have an amazing business, schools, charities, these are different customers, then the ones not being catered to like it should. dell, the next generation, coming public. reconfiguring the entity of higher margin of proprietary business. dell has to borrow a ton of montow get this done. he has microsoft loaning
unit close in domestic same store sales last month. elsewhere, weakness in technology shares sent south korea's kospi lower by 0.8%. meanwhile, australian shares eased 0.5%. india's sensex now in action trading down by about 0. 5%. back to you. >> sixuan, thanks very much. lots of red behind her. >> we've got if the services pmi coming out of the uk. i suggest we wait 30 seconds, take the data and have a look and chat about it. >> what if i disagree? >> well, you know, you could, but you like -- >> i do like the data. i love to it to get it when it crosses. we have allen capper right here for some reaction. we know the uk data follows the overnight session in which we learned the service sector perked up a bit, but employment was extremely weak. and the question for britain, which has seen somewhat of the opposite pattern lately is whether that is sustainable. it looks like we're getting the figures out now. >> now. >> good lord. >> january pmi, 51.5, the highest since september. >> expectations pmi, 67.2 in january. it was 64 in december. the pmi pointing to marginal economic
the profits and come back in again. when you look at technology, the rally coming in the states, when you're looking at the industrials, the industrials went too far. but they're quickly coming back into buy territory now. so the scandinavian industrials that got sold off recovering again quickly. >> your profit suggested, wpp, ppr, nordia -- >> these names occurred for us. wpp had a strong run so far this year, up 13.14%. saying you have to take money off the table. come back 1.5%. we're saying, look, if you're chasing on the basis of the last phase momentum, you're going to get a better opportunity to buy wpp. we were buying wpp in november. the sent to come our recommendations are put out on a daily basis, it's important to recognize that these are shorter term, takes some profits here. don't just sit there and wait for it to give back 5%, 6%, because you can make money out of that opportunity. what we're saying is you don't go short here. it's a difficult market to go short in. people will buy these things at more reasonable prices. something's gone up 12%, inevitably it's going to be
with the -- >> you called it inefficiency and ultimately doesn't technology -- forget about the government -- doesn't technology get in the way of that? >> technology is way ahead of the legality of it. you have to remember the rights, the multiyear contracts that the media owners have with the distributors. that's all more -- the lawyers are operating a much -- much more slowly than technology is. so i think that, you know, unless you're ripping it off and we haven't seen piracy in -- in the live tv space really very much, that it's going to be hard. espn's not going to make its programming available outside of the traditional multichannel bundle. it's not -- they're not going to do it. >> anthony? we've got to leave it there. we thank you for waking up early this morning. >> thanks as always for having me on. >> and bob says hello. at any -- if anybody doesn't get the joke, last time we had him on, jeff bezos was here. laughing -- >> i was punk aide. >> we convince -- punk'd. >> we con anthony briefly that he was here. we had him effectively -- you weren't saying nice things. then he thought he w
is particularly important technology. because people confuse this gigantic group of stocks which comprises more than 50% of the s&p 500 constantly. tech is actually a whole group of sectors. semiconductors, disk drive, personal computers, large scale enterprise hardware makers, cell phones, tech, telecommunications tech, assemblers. each has a separate growth rate and i like to look at the growth rates of the companies i follow versus the individual slices of the sectors. because the sector growth rate doesn't work even though people keep trying to use it. cloud stocks are highly valued. meaning their priced to earnings growth rate are extreme. that means no room for error or hair as we call it, meaning something's wrong. reported a magnificent quarter. but the guidance for the billings was lighter than i was hoping. the stock immediately got pancaked and stayed ugly for a long time. why? because it underperformed its portion of the technology sector even as its growth rate would have been outstanding for a personal computer related stock for a disk drive, semiconductor, or cell phone company.
composite the big winner on the ses, technology in the lead, up 27 points on nasdaq at 3192. last trade there. the dow couldn't push high enough to make it a winning week though but the s&p did making it the first time in 42 years it's recorded gains in the first six weeks of a year. nasdaq closing at a 12-year high. joining me now to talk more about the markets and how you should be invested. stephanie link, brian relling and brian gendrou and our own rick santelli. good to see everybody. nice to see you. stephanie link, let's navigate next week and say how you're invested. what do you think about today's move. >> today's move is pretty impressive. >> i'm kind of happy that you asked before is the market getting a little tired. not really going at the same rate higher. that's good. we don't want to go up another 6% so quickly and i think the fact that everyone is still saying that we are going to have this correction that they want to buy the dip, i think you might not get it. might get it in certain stocks but not necessarily the overall market and there is your opportunity. you want
to be a bullish sign for the overall story, right? if technology hasn't participated that start to. >> exactly. so many people in bearish technology. it is great you point that out. nasdaq is associated with tech. i would continue to buy the quality tech names. >> that does it for us. have a great weekend. power start now. >> halftime is over. >> "power lunch" and second half of the trading day starts right now. >> it does start right now. and the rally lives at least for now, major indexes wiping out losses for the week. s&p 500 touching multiyear highs. rally, alive. a heart beat there. dow back above 14,000. even the nasdaq joining the party. it is on pace to close at a 12-year high. of course, have you heard -- i bet you probably haven't heard. northeast is bracing for a blizzard. thousands of flight have been cancelled. two feet of snow expected in some areas. mostly to the north of new york city. the latest on the storm path and at which sectors will be impacted the most. >>> first on cnbc, mattel meeting analyst. toy maker ceo will speak with us first on "power lunch" before he spokes with
higher, transports, mid caps, small caps that haven't seen the rally like technology up only about 2% this year? >> no, i think that we see a rotation. i mean, my favorite area to be right now is stocks that have gdp sensitivity, and that are globally diversified. because i think these stocks have gotten beaten down over the last couple of years. this is tech, this is energy, this is big cap, industrials, these are stocks that have basically been -- that have gotten cheaper over the last couple of years, around fears of a global recession, around fears that the rest of the world isn't as strong as the u.s. today, i think that it's time to really reverse that trade and go back into some of the more globally geared gdp sensitive stocks that are cheap, they're underowned, and it looks like the global economy could actually outpace the u.s. this year, and for the next couple of years. >> savita we talked to a bunch of strategists this year who are, i would say, aggressive to -- i mean, mixed in terms of their defensive nature regarding sector allocation, that they might step on the accel
in the week ahead. earnings reports are out from disney, bp and technology companies, yelp and linkedin. and on thursday, the fall fashion week kicks off in new york city. on friday, we'll find out if the u.s. is importing or exporting more trade or goods. next week, paul krugman will be here. keep it right here where we are, on the money. have a great
. health care had a very good january. technology is going to be one 6 the leadership sectors. it's probably going to take over the leadership from financials. if you look at leadership in '13, focus on consumer discretionary, technology and health care, the three drivers. six months from now i think you'll see a majority of the flow is not yet in the sectors, they'll start to come in. the other thing to think about, too, if you look at the fun flow data, january was the first time we saw significantly more money of bond funds. since 2007. first time we've >> joe, private sector for the quarter, 675. the second strongest quarter of the recovery for private. >> right. >> does this make the gdp number, does that put a nail in that number? >> yes, absolutely. we thought it did before hand, because i mentioned the private demand was so strong. i'm chuckling because as you're saying this, i'm looking at the fed and thinking to myself, this is like new year's eve, we're going to party like it's 1999, and we've just drank a lot of booze and now we're doing tequila shots. they just got th
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of shifting to 4k televisions and tvs within that as a projection technology. but this shift is really a long-term proposition. same goes for the crystal lcd tvs. so for 2013 we'll be looking to -- sony will be looking to expand on their imaging sensors. so they have the stag timos sensor, which is basically a technology that allows the sensors to -- for bigger sensors and more sophisticated ones to really be implemented in smaller bodies. so this goes beyond just the sony cameras that they're going to use these on. eventually it will proliferate to some of the mobile components and like smartphones and tablets and they're hopes to expand, really, the role within medical and other professional imaging products. >> yeah. and they're clearly looking at expanding the medical devices business, as well. they have investment at limhurst. they're now trying to focus on mobile phones, tablets, gaming. are you happy that this is now the correct strategy for them? >> yeah. they did kind of get flat-footed within the lcd tv market. we're still living largely with the consequences of that. their tv divis
industrials by over 4%. all driving the rally, information technology stocks, computer sciences. the biggest gainer in the sector and on the s&p 500 today, up around 10%, a turnaround story, the i.t. company posting a third quarter profit on improving revenues and asset sales. video game-maker electronic arts also in the green today after launching the latest version of its popular game dead space. the video game franchise now has 1.4 million fans on facebook. the stock today up nearly 6%. estee lauder, the skin care company, posted better than expected earnings and reaffirmed its full year outlook for sales growth helped by strength in the u.s. and china. the ceo saying the affluent customer is spending freely. the stock today posting an all-time high, up about 6%. also posting all-time high today, consumer stocks like procter & gamble, kimberly clark and johnson & johnson. we'll end here with kelloggs. reporting better than expected earnings and raising its full-year forecast. the stock right now, up only about 1% but also an all-time high going back to 1968. maria, back to you. >> all rig
of that wealth is created by companies that came public, a lot of them technology driven. the amazing thing is even when you look at that group, the way they're investing now is completely different than the way they were investing in 2007. so $2 trillion that went into bond funds and $800 million that came out of equity funds on an annual basis. just starting to see that rotation. but it's showing up in things like real estate which is great, all the toe sales which is great. luxury goods. but the transition from some of the folks that want to get a return of their money versus on their money hasn't 4happened ye. >> it means you to have a dynamic economy. overseas you see crony capitalism. it's a really important factor about. >> this is what distinguishes american style capitalism from other countries both in asia and if europe. and we don't ever want to lose that. i don't want to tie them down. i don't want to overregulate them and i don't want to overtax them. >> i know they talk about new millionaire, but i'll be unpopular at the table p about i still think there's a ton of average ame
trade on the blue chips. nasdaq looks like this. gains there as well, by the way. technology, one of the winners today and that's pretty steady throughout the session. up 27 points on nasdaq. 3193 even on the last trade on the nasdaq. s&p 500 touching a five-year high. take a look. up 7.66 point on the standard & poor's. will we or won't we end the week in the range? josh lipton with a look at the markets and where we need to be less than an hour from now to make it official. >> maria, the big drama, will the major indices close up for the sixth week in a row, or will this be the first week of 2013 where the stocks finish in the red? at risk of failing here the dow. gains early in the session wiping out losses for the week. the dow right now, 13,984. break even for the dow would be 14,090. so the dow having a little -- blue chips having a little room to make up there. s&p 500, your benchmark, as it stands right now 1516. now break even for the s&p 500 on the week would be 1513. so, moving on. let's take one last check here of the nasdaq. tech heavy nasdaq at 3192, and break even f
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're seeing very, very nice gains by large cap technology stocks. microsoft is up 1.4%, apple is up. and google hitting a new 52-week high in today's sthegs. >> we're watching winter storm nemo about to hit the east coast. more than two feet of snow expected in boston. many cities are telling residents, of course, don't travel, if you don't have to. airlines warn the blizzard could krip tl hundreds of flights, actually already 4,000 flights have been canceled. >>> our road map goes like this. as nemo shuts down much of the northeast, jetblue's chief operating officer will join us live. >> and those golden arches don't seem quite so golden anybody. missed estimates for every region with the biggest decline out of asia. can the hamburger giant turn it around. >>> aol's got profits. the company matching estimates for the fourth quarter while seeing a rise in revenue. the first in eight years. we'll sit down with tim armstrong on the back of earnings for a first on cnbc interview. >>> a 16-year-old actress trying her happened at trading stocks. she says her return, well, quite good. we'
. you can't eliminate them but ge on the forefront of imaging technology. maybe there is something for helmets. this is good for perception and reality. >> i think ultimately football survives or doesn't survive, based on the individuals who may be decide whether or not they are actually going to play. when football started, maybe we didn't know the consequences. now we are beginning to know the consequences. it is up to people if they are willing to take the money for risks they face down the road. i think we will see that over time. does football have to be as violent to be as attractive? i don't know. >> mothers will dictate the future of football, guaranteed. >> good point. >> good point. >> owner of cnbc's parent, nbc universal. >>> finally, beyonce. spectacular halftime show. we have to ask, did she cause the blackout? i know i add power surge. >> i think it is self evident. she walks into the room and shell suck up every ounce of energy pip never want to have to be in the same room as beyonce. >> wait she strutted on stage, that is just like michelle coming on to the set. sh
offshore drilling today pushes technology with challenges matched only by the space program. deepwater horizon was in 5,000 feet of water and would drill another 13,000 feet, a total of 3 1/2 miles. the oil and gas down there are under enormous pressure. and the key to keeping that pressure under control is this fluid that drillers call mud. mud is a man-made drilling fluid that's pumped down the well and back up the sides in continuous circulation. the sheer weight of this fluid keeps the oil and gas down and the well under control. >> come on, come on. >> the tension in every drilling operation is between doing things safely and doing them fast. time is money, and this job was costing bp $1 million a day. but williams says there was trouble from the start. getting to the oil was taking too long. how long did you expect it to take? >> we were told 21 days. >> how long did it actually take? >> we were at six weeks. >> with the schedule slipping, williams says a bp manager ordered a faster pace. >> and he requested to the driller, "hey, let's bump it up. let's bump it up." and what he w
is not large in this deal. but that's unique. yes, $10 billion technology deal. $12 billion. beyond that, it becomes more difficult until it's a different situation. >> there are so many tech companies selling at 8, 9, 10. i'm not talking about microsoft and intel. >> the smaller ones. >> the smaller ones that, they've given up for dead. >> if i were a bond holder of any of these companies, i would be scared to death. if i were to believe lbos is coming back, i wouldn't wanted to be in there as a bond holder. >> what do they make of these bonds anyway? >> there's a lot of money that has to be in bonds, and they're trying to pick up 30 basis points, 50 basis points. it's stupid as all getout to stay in a tech bond after this, i've got to tell you. >> a buyout at $24 billion, 12-month trailing. is that a bargain? did these guys get a bar gain? 5.1. >> it depends. the key here will be how fast will the decline continue to be in the overall pc business, and how can they weather that. what does that number look like that next year and the year after? >> the server business is crowded. we know
excitingly is make sure we change our technology platforms and asset structure to bring on new technologies, particularly manufacture, to some degree, r&d and cost of manufacturer and carbon footprint and reduce recycle time. it's a little bit about classic restrur restructu restructuring and allowing us to take the company forward another step. >> are the austerity measures you're facing in europe in the pricing of pharmaceuticals and the like, has that run its course or continue to see pressure in your business? >> i think we will continue to see negative price evolution in europe going forward, we saw 6 to 7% negative territory last year hopefully a little less dramatic this year and still see pressure, maybe single digits for 2013 and anticipating and factored into our guidance we gave today within which we think we can deliver 4% ets growth in 2013. >> when one looks at your enormous company, it's still a fairly diverse fights one than others. i know you mentioned divestiture of your sports drink business. why still so diversified when others seem to be following a different strategy.
, they pirate our intellectual property, they steal stuff, they love to take our technology. why should this be any different? they're kind of rogues out there. they're rogues, at least in leadership, the upper echelons of the party. they're a bunch of rogues. >> well, i could think of many other examples of rogues around the world that are much more serious in terms of various threats to the u.s., but in terms of, you know, where we should see this threat, i would say that in the whole scheme of things -- because hacking can be categorized in three major areas. you have the ones where they're stealing information like in this case. and mostly the chinese are engaging in this kind of hacking. then you also have the hacking that is very much terrorist oriented and you have very isolated instances of people trying to do this to prove themselves to, try to get into like a gang and this way they can get hired to do more serious things. but this is not necessarily sponsored. >> like a russian mafioso. >> it could be. and the final groups would be the ones trying to attack our infrastructure.
% and seagate technology reporting second-quarter profits down 16% and harmon international a 20% drop in profits and the company cutting at least 500 jobs as part of restructuring. twc losing ground at its fourth-quarter profits fell 9% and constellation brands trying to block the anheuser-busch takeover of modelo. worst performer on the dow this week, merck after reporting that profits declined. maria, back for you. >> yeah, not participating in the rally, for sure. thanks. much more ahead on this edition of the "closing bell." what's up with pimco's bill gross who will speak with me after the break. he refuses to buy into the bull market. and bob dahl stuck his neck out on the bullish market. right now he looks very correct. he's coming up to give us the backdrop on that and the banks, held their feet to the fire during the financial crisis. find out how wall street's paychecks are keeping pace with the surge in the markets. back in a moment. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is lock
. not a lot. let's say 5% or 10%. >> one investment idea. >> technology right here right now. most hated sector around the world. >> it is. all right. thank you guys. see you later. going out near the lows of the day. right now reading the closing bell, new york city celebrating 25 years. they'll be appearing at carnegie hall. as we head towards the second hour, waiting for the interview with the ceo of clorox. on the second hour of "the closing bell." >>> and it is 4:00 on swallow street. do you know where your money is? i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the market posting the first triple digit loss on the dow industrials of the year after closing above 14,000 on friday. the market has retraced quite a bit of that today. we're also following a developing story at this hour. the justice department planning to file a suit against standard & poor's. mcgraw-hill clobbered today. also moody's down with it. and the dow down 130 points at the close tonight. about 1% lower at 13,880. nasdaq composite also gave up about 48 points as you can see there. almost 1.5%
. >>> meanwhile, technology stocks really leading today's selloff. there is one name in the group that's bucking the trend. let's get to seema mody with the name. >> that name is blackberry. formally known as research in motion. trading here under the ticker symbol today bbry. rim's name doesn't completely disappear until shareholders approve the change this year. outperforming today thanks to an upgrade to outperform the analysts has drained inventories and most distributors will take on significant initial orders. expands from a user base that's equipped with aging smart phones. he remains skeptical of blackberry's ability to orchestrate a sustainable come back. but we are seeing a comeback in today's trade. if it's sustainable, that's is the question. >> we will see. thank you so much. i'm waiting to replace by cup and string with a blackberry if it's workable. >>> big days for calls. upgraded yahoo to a buy. it's shares of goggles and yahoo both down in this overall market selloff. but which analyst should you listen to? google or yahoo? let's talk numbers. on the technical side it's carter
cognizant technology. >> oh, i like that. and i like it a lot, but you know what? i saw an opportunity today, bill mcdermott's s.a.p. he's co-ceo, down from 83.60 to 80. pull the trigger, buy some s.a.p. let's go to bob in nebraska. bob? >> caller: jim, big red boo-yah to ya. >> nice. >> caller: i'm wondering about your position on lockheed martin. >> i like lockheed martin. i almost called him my friend, this show is not about friends, dave cote, my neighbor, did say earlier today the honeywell ceo would rather see automatic u.s. spending cuts than nothing that would hurt lockheed martin. i do like the stock. let's go to richard in iowa. richard? >> caller: yeah. >> go ahead, richard. >> caller: how are you doing today? >> couldn't be better. how about you? >> caller: oh, just fine. i'd like to know a little bit more about zoetis. we like pfizer, we like zoetis. by the way, let me throw in i like boise cascade, saw those guys this morning. hard-working people. let's go to gary in new york. gary? >> caller: what up, jim, sending you a big boo-yah. >> yes. yes. how about those college kids wa
at this. in terms of their responding to the issue, the problem that apple has, like many technology companies is the ma majority of the its cash, 85 billion is offshore around the majority of the cash that it general race is the offshore. for apple to return more cash it will effectively have to pay a tax on that cash. one way around that is to take on debt them don't want to take on debt and don't want to pay the incremental tax, those are the gaining factors providing more cash back to shareholders. >> this perpetual preferred idea would not necessarily affect that cash but pay out of cash flow. toni, let me ask you another question, are you surprised that apple is proposing to eliminate preferred stock from its charter? does that seem almost vituperative on his part against einhorn for suggesting the idea of this perpetual preferred? >> it's hard to say where that notion came from and where apple wants to eliminate it. in many cases, share holders can want preferred stock provisions eliminated because they can be often used to thwart takeover is the. wfrmt music to the ears of a
backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>> welcome back. in a rare move today apple is responding to an investor with a beef, but it was no ordinary investor. it's davidinion of green light capital slamming apple's cash right here on cnbc this morning. our own scott wapner was hosting "squawk" this morning and did the interview and he's still here. scott, i don't know how you're still standing but thanks for sticking around for us. pretty extraordinary what happened, right? >> extraordinary, because a big story, maria. the day started with
for the country to have a company like apple that's supposed to make innovative technology products getting into the financial business. >> david, you've got $137 billion of cash, for heaven's sake. you got to come up with -- you got more money there, you can innovate, you can entrepreneur, you can have more iphones. you can have more ipads. you can create stuff that even i know how to use. but $137 billion of cash for heaven's sakes. i think mr. david einhorn has the story right. i think they're going to settle it with a dividend-paying preferred share. that's coming. >> i think they'll settle it by buying bam more shares and by issuing a bigger dividend. that would be the right way. and that clears the path for apple competitives to focus on innovating. >> all right. well, i hope they do. let me go back to zach. i want to get into this currencies war business. i don't get this currency war. i happen to think japan did the exact right thing, depreciating the end, probably going from 70, 97 something now, going to 100. it may some people say go to 120. they were suffering from severe deflat
. everything up 1% here. health care and technology and financials, consumer staples. defensive names as well as growth names are all on the upside. i want to mention eaton, i love it, one of the big companies, electronics, power management around the world. they work in everything, aerospace, trucking, autos, historic high for eaton, end markets mixed, the guidance for 2013 they introduced is okay. maybe towards a slightly lower end of the estimates but wasn't as horrible as people thought. one of the big companies, multi-industry companies. all the big global industrial companies, ingersoll, itt, honeywell. >> eco is on later. >> i'll listen to that. this is really one of those companies they work across all industries and 40 or 50 countries. >> right. it's a perfect global macroeconomic read on the economy. >> that's why you watch. >> thank you so much. as the dow jones and s&p move higher why is tech under performing in 2013. seema mody with more. >> s&p tech sector still the laggard of this year up a meager 2%, underperforming energy, health care, financials, materials as well as telecom
groups here. technologies and financials, all of them up better than 1%. you want it know how much this market want to go up? i wash inger sol rand carefully. they are involved in a lot of different industries, different areas. they are good numbers but guidance was very tepid. revenue guidance wasn't that great for 2013. stock is up, sue, at a new high. ceo came out this morning and said we expect to be a slow growth economy in 2013. hardly a bullish comment. very typical of some of the cautious comments we've seen, sue. yet that stock is at a new high. very successful ipo and we spent the morning with them on the street. and helping pets with vaccinations, live stock is well. and we are talking now, $26. price top is 22 to 25. went public at 26. opening and -- >> at 20% throughout the day. >> great story and they brought their family. just a great morning. >> yeah it was. a nice morning down here. thanks, bob. appreciate it. >> we are above the 14,000 mark on the dow. let's get a check on the nasdaq and what the next level investors should be watching over there. seema mody is th
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] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange" and these are your headlines. >> the u.s. brices for winter storm naeemo. >>> china is looking at gang buster trade. >> linkedin fourth quarter profits up 61%, which brew past forecasts. revenue jumped 81%. the professional social networking site says it has 200 million users. linkedin talent solution segment saw a 90% rise in shaels. the company showed an upbeat outlook for the year ahead. shares up 10% in after hours. up 9.8% in frankfurt. >> a success story following an ipo. are you on linkedin? not just yet. are you reluctant to give out that information? >> there is a name associated with me, but i never do anything with it. >> i'm sort of the same way. >> mcgraw-hill's credit ratings could set them down further due to the lawsuit filed this week by the government against its standard & poors unit. and they say the justice department in several states are weighing similar action against moody's. any such move will likely w
a jobless recovery because technology is replacing a lot of the jobs that existed. >> back in the late 70s, oil suddenly went from, you know, $10 a barrel to $50 a barrel. how are you ever going to come back when that happened? >> every little thing, 80% of the business of the fortune 100 companies is outside of america. so they are hiring. they're hiring in china, they're hiring in india, they're hiring in brazil. >> and we were told that yesterday. >> no, no, no. because that's where the business is going. >> the gdp, we're not stuck. there is a new normal. >> mohammed said the new normal is only three or four years. >> exactly. but when the world becomes a marketplace for us to sell our goods into -- >> i'll tell you, you're getting big employment growth in the tech sector. there are millions of jobs unfulfilled in the tech sector, especially in the engineering category. people are having great difficulty. if you talk to most tech ceos, they're having great difficulty filling employment in those jobs. >> right. >> all right. joining us from the futures pit, allen nuckman, market strateg
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